Posted on Aug 05, 2011

Chrysler has announced a product recall for Dodge Ram trucks. An accident in St. Charles, Missouri could be caused by a third party error in which you could file for a Missouri personal injury claim.

The company is recalling Dodge Ram MI vehicle models because the trucks are losing proper steering ability. It has been found that this flaw may affect over 242,000 vehicles. This is not the first time Chrysler has made a product recall due to a problem of this nature.

Currently the Chrysler Group is recalling the following trucks:

  • the 2008 Dodge Ram 1500;
  • the 2003-2011 Dodge Ram 2500; and
  • the 2003-2011 Dodge Ram 3500. 

Chrysler states that the defect is due to possible problems with rod assembly. The affected steering rod may have been placed in the vehicle during the manufacturing process or replaced during normal repairs.

When the vehicle is operated under low-speed or sharp-turns the left tie rod ball studs have higher chances of fracturing.
In the event of fracturing, a driver may lose all direction stability in the left front wheel. Owners of the recalled vehicles may bring in their trucks to have an inspection and replacement part installed if needed.

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