The team at Bollwerk & Tatlow has considerable experience in motorcycle accident cases. Missouri has seen a rise in motorcycle fatalities. In 2019 alone, Missouri saw a 10 percent increase in motorcycle fatalities than the previous year. Many external factors such as weather and road conditions can play a role in motorcycle accidents. However, one of the biggest causes of crashes is due to someone else’s negligence. Some of the poor decisions other drivers make on the streets that contribute to the growing rise of motorcycle fatalities and accidents include: driving too fast, driving while distracted, failure to yield, failure to use signals, or driving under the influence. When a driver causes an injury to a motorcyclist, they should be held liable for the damages they caused.

The team at Bollwerk & Tatlow can help you or your loved one recover just compensation for a motorcycle accident caused by another’s carelessness. We have experience representing motorcycle accident victims in many cases. We have represented accident victims against negligent drivers who failed to use their turn signal, drivers who made illegal turns, and drivers who failed to yield to a left-turning motorcycle. Not only do we have experience in representing clients against other car and truck drivers, but we also have experience representing clients against various cities and the Missouri Department of Transportation, for cases where a road defect contributes to the cause a crash.

Litigation is not our only strong point. We are skilled negotiators.  Insurance companies may try to limit the amount they pay you. Fighting against experienced insurance adjusters may negatively affect the compensation you receive. Let us fight for you against insurance companies and their attorneys.

There are statute of limitations for filing accident claims. Do not wait to contact us for legal advice. If you choose to hire us as your lawyer, we will start working right away and make sure you receive the just compensation you deserve.