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The St. Louis accident lawyers at Bollwerk & Tatlow handle workers compensation cases throughout Missouri and Illinois.The St. Louis accident lawyers at Bollwerk & Tatlow handle workers compensation cases throughout Missouri and Illinois.Work injuries can keep employees from returning to work or performing the duties of the job, through no fault of their own. This is the reason workers' compensation laws exist. Injuries can result from occupational safety hazards, dangerous working conditions, or simple accidents. The law ensures that employers (or their insurers) pay the medical bills and a percentage of lost wages when an employee is hurt or develops a medical condition stemming directly from the job.

Bollwerk & Tatlow is a centrally located St. Louis personal injury law firm serving clients in all areas of Missouri and Illinois. Attorneys Jill S. Bollwerk, Phil Tatlow, and J. Thomas Mihalczo handle a wide range of cases including workers' compensation claims.
Most employees don't think about workers' compensation laws and insurance until they are injured, and this can cause problems when filing a claim.  The law lays out strict procedures for dealing with claims, but reality doesn't always follow a procedure. If you sustain a serious back injury at a St. Louis construction site or suffer acute carbon monoxide poisoning while servicing a gas line in Florissant, paperwork and procedures may be the last things on your mind.
After the initial emergency has been handled, you may have questions: 


  • "Who will pay my hospital bills?"
  • "How can I feed my family when I can't work?"
  • "What are my rights and responsibilities?"
  • "What does this paperwork mean?"
  • "Can I choose my own medical care?"

A St. Louis workers comp attorney can answer your questions and support your claim in court if necessary. The tough but compassionate Missouri workers compensation attorneys of Bollwerk & Tatlow proudly protect the rights of employees injured in the workplace.

We will make you feel at home.

As a client, you will always be in contact with someone who understands your situation and knows your case. We welcome clients from our growing immigrant communities. If English is your second language, Bollwerk & Tatlow will ensure that you fully understand every letter and document that pertains to your case.
Whether you are...



Whatever your situation, the St. Louis workers compensation attorneys of Bollwerk and Tatlow will support your claim to full and fair compensation for: 



  • Medical care
  • Permanent partial or total disability (PPD or PTD)
  • Temporary total disability (TTD)
  • Other compensation depending on the situation

If an employer or insurance provider is trying to deny your legitimate claim, we will go to trial-even against the biggest companies. Bollwerk & Tatlow has the experience, resources, and manpower to fight big cases because the St. Louis community has put its trust in our firm.

We feel great when we help people who really need us.

The Missouri workers compensation attorneys at Bollwerk & Tatlow care about our community and have strong ties to many local unions.

If you are injured on the job:

Inform your employer immediately when you are injured. This is important for several reasons:



  • Employees who do not inform their employers of an injury within thirty days may lose their rights to workers' compensation benefits.



  • Medical care for your injury is covered under workers' compensation, but your employer has the legal right to choose your physician

If you were injured while at work in Missouri or in Illinois...
If someone you love was injured or killed on the job in Missouri or in Illinois...
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