At Bollwerk & Tatlow, we are experienced in handling truck crashes. Unlike a car crash, a truck crash may often result in more than one party being responsible.  For instance, a lawsuit can be filed against the truck driver himself, the owner of the truck, or the trucking company who employs the trucker.  Also, truck crashes can occur due to faulty or defective parts of the truck, which means that a products liability case could be made as well.  If the truck is loaded improperly, and that overloading results in a crash, the entity or person who loaded the truck’s cargo negligently could be responsible.

            Furthermore, a claim can be made against the trucking company for hiring dangerous drivers. 

            When we handle a trucking case, we immediately go to work in trying to preserve the evidence that is so crucial in pursuing a claim against a trucking company.  It is vital that a person involved in a crash with a commercial truck retain an attorney experienced in trucking cases so that the evidence concerning the crash and the truck itself can be preserved.  When we get a case at Bollwerk & Tatlow, we immediately send a preservation letter to all possible parties, asking them to preserve the truck and its components, as well as any investigative materials they have prepared as a result of the crash.  If you wait too long, this evidence could be long gone.  The worst part about a trucking crash is that the injuries are often more severe.  Many truck crashes result in serious injury or death, and often times, the crash is the result of an overworked trucker who is too tired to drive.  We at Bollwerk & Tatlow know how to get to the records that will show that a driver has exceeded the hours of operation allowed by law. 

            At Bollwerk & Tatlow, we handle all types of commercial vehicle cases -- not just cases for big 18-wheeler trucks. We also handle bus crashes and delivery truck crashes as well. 

            Even if you don’t hire Bollwerk & Tatlow, hire an attorney immediately after a truck crash if you have sustained any injuries.  There are just too many issues that are too important and too much evidence that can be lost if you don’t retain counsel right away.  Don't delay--if you are in a crash with a large commercial truck, hire an experienced trucking attorney--right away!