ERISA disability claim lawyer in St. Louis, Missouri ERISA disability claim lawyer in St. Louis, Missouri The attorneys of our firm fight for the rights of our clients who have been wrongfully denied disability benefits, accidental death benefits and life insurance benefits under a group insurance plan controlled by ERISA. This is a specialized field that requires knowledge of the law, along with experience and the ability to understand the client's medical conditions to be successful in winning these cases.

Phil Tatlow has successfully handled in excess of 125 ERISA cases involving Union members and working men and women's claims that are denied by major insurance companies and employers in the Missouri and Illinois areas. Both Jill Bollwerk and Phil Tatlow have represented working men and women on disability and insurance cases for the past 25 years. Some insurance companies think that if they deny a claim that the client will just give up and not appeal it and not sue in Federal Court. In the past few years, executives, attorneys, surgeons and even insurance representatives have hired Phil to represent them on their Long Term disability or life insurance claims falling under ERISA law.

Our St. Louis ERISA attorneys are eager to take on big insurance companies and employers. Phil has successfully handled ERISA cases against Lincoln Financial and Lincoln Life Insurance Company, Aetna Life Insurance Company, CNA Insurance Company, ITT Hartford, General American Life Insurance Company, Great West Life and Health Insurance Company, Prudential Insurance Company, UNUM among others. Phil and his team are working on a number of major ERISA cases that will be completed over the next year.