This month Missouri was slammed with a snow and ice storm that closed schools, businesses, and roads. But while authorities and safety advocates told drivers to stay off the street until the winter mess was cleaned up, it is sometimes necessary to drive in icy and snowy conditions.

How can you drive safely in winter conditions?

•    Make sure that your car is prepared for the trip. Has your car had a checkup lately? Does your car have the necessary winter supplies, such as sand, a blanket, extra water, a shovel, and a first aid kit? Have you checked your gas level, fluid levels, and tires? If you become stranded or get into an accident in a snowstorm, it is important to have the right tools for the emergency.
•    Think smaller and slower. When driving on slick roads, think about doing everything you would normally do, but in slow motion. Do not attempt to go the speed limit and do not make sudden turns or steering wheel movements. Take your time.
•    Make sure that you can see and that you are visible. Even if it means stopping regularly, keep your windshield, side mirrors, and back window clear. Also make sure your headlights are on.
•    Don’t pass plows or salt trucks. Not only is passing these vehicles dangerous in itself, it also places you on roads that have not been plowed or treated. If anything, stay behind the plow and take advantage of the freshly plowed road.
•    Realize that bridges, overpasses, and shaded areas are more slippery. Because of the conditions, ice will develop on bridges, overpasses, and under trees more quickly than in other areas. Be extra careful and aware as you drive through these areas.

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