The first blizzard of 2011 has roared across Missouri and dumped an almost-record-setting 18 inches of snow on Columbia and the surrounding areas. Many sections of Missouri interstates were closed altogether as the storm dumped over a foot of snow on residents in the Midwest, and the US Postal Service stopped deliveries in several regions, as many postal workers were unable to report to work or get mail to residences along their routes.  

Columbia’s full fleet of plows, sand trucks, and snow removal crews were out in force before, during, and after the winter storm hit.  Although police and emergency workers responded to a series of weather-related car accidents, government officials reported that the number of serious car accidents and car accident injuries were low considering the force of the storm, and that Missouri residents did the right thing by deciding to stay inside until the roads improved.

Columbia, Missouri, received a shocking 17.7 inches of snow during the winter storm – just two inches off of the all-time record, which was set in 1995.
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