If you were injured in a Missouri workplace accident, then you could be entitled to receive temporary total disability (TTD). To learn what your rights are and what types of benefits you may be qualified for, you should speak with a Missouri Workers' Comp lawyer.

When you have been injured while on the job and you are told by your treating physician that you cannot work, you are entitled to take those days off
. When a work injury results in temporary disability, then TTD benefits may be available. However, TTD will only kick in after you have missed 3 days of work. 

Your benefits will be based on two-thirds of your average weekly income,
up to a certain amount. This amount is determined by how much you earned in the 13 weeks preceding your Missouri workplace accident. An average of those earnings will be used in making the calculation.

Figuring this amount is much easier when you have worked at the same place for at least 3 months and if your hours of work are the same each week. It can become more difficult to determine the amount when you have experienced a job change, have fluctuating work hours or your earnings are based on commission.

So the best way to know if you are receiving the right amount of TTD benefits is to seek legal counsel from a Missouri Workers' Comp lawyer.
A lawyer has the ability to look at your case and determine if you are receiving the full average weekly income that you are entitled. They can also help ensure that you are treated fairly.

Contacting a Missouri Workers' Comp Lawyer

If have been injured in Missouri from a workplace accident it's important that you seek legal guidance from a Missouri Workers' Comp lawyer who understands the intricacies of these very complex cases. The lawyer team at Bollwerk & Tatlow, LLC fights for Missouri residents. Contact us today - 314-315-8111.