Under Missouri workers' compensation law, you are generally paid 2/3 of your average weekly wage while you are ordered off work due to your injuries.  The benefits you receive during this time are known as "temporary total disability benefits," or "TTD."  There is a maximum amount you can receive, which is set by the State yearly.  If you were injured after July 1, 2009 but before June 30, 2010, the maximum amount you could receive weekly would be $807.48.  Click here to see Chart No. 1, which sets forth the yearly maximum amount on Page 2 of the chart. 

     If you are paid the same amount every week, the calculation of your weekly TTD rate is easy.  For instance, if you make $900 every week, you will receive 2/3 of $900, or $600 weekly in TTD benefits.  If your wages vary from week to week, the amount you will receive weekly is determined by taking an average of what you made for the 13 weeks prior to your injury.  That average is known as your "average weekly wage."  If you made an average of $300 per week for the 13 weeks prior to your accident, then you would receive 2/3 of $300, or $200 in TTD benefits.  The calculation can be tricky if you have not worked for at least 13 weeks prior to the accident, or if you are a seasonal employee.  Also, the law does allow some adjustments to the average if you missed more than a few regularly scheduled workdays, so if you believe you are being paid too little, please give us a call and we'll help you calculate your true average weekly wage.