Posted on Apr 06, 2011

April 5, 2011 - Researchers in South Korea have found a connection between arthritis knee pain and depression.

HealthDay News reports that a new study of 660 men and women in their mid-60s and older showed that levels of knee joint pain were higher in those who were also diagnosed with depression symptoms. The individuals underwent X-rays to determine the severity of their knee problems.

As expected, those with greater joint damage from arthritis had higher levels of pain and symptoms; however, those patients with moderate to mild joint damage reported similar levels of pain if they also showed signs of depression. The doctors involved in the study believe that depression can increase the way arthritis patients experience pain.

Those involved in the study now support knee arthritis evaluations as part of a patient's physical and mental health assessments. If both issues are reviewed at once, it may help improve treatment effectiveness and a patient's quality of life.

Arthritis is a disabling condition often experienced by older workers in manual labor occupations, such as assembly and construction. Repetitive motion tasks and joint overuse can increase the rate at which the disease progresses. Employers should be aware of the dangers posed to their workers by overuse and exertion of joints and provide adequate breaks and safety equipment like lifting belts.

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