Posted on Apr 19, 2011

April 14, 2011 - Jefferson City, MO - Two Missouri companies found guilty of workers' compensation violations have been cited more than $100k in penalties after investigations.

Attorney General Chris Koster announced through the Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations he had reached agreements with the companies in February. The 2 companies, Specialty Risk Services LLC. and Broadspire Services Inc. were fined a total of $103,500 - $75,000 and $28,500 respectively for failure to report worker's injuries.

Missouri workers' compensation laws establish specific timeframes for reporting worker injuries to the insurance companies to resolve the claims. Failure to do so is now punishable under a new type of case the Division of Workers' Compensation is now referring to the Attorney General's office.

These 2 companies are third-party administrators who contract with several Missouri companies to help with the filing and processing of workplace injury reports. The companies failed to do so on numerous occasions within the 30 day timeframe for certain injuries.

After the investigation and negotiations with the Attorney General, both companies admitted to the workers' compensation law violations. Part of their settlement included agreements that they would remain compliant for 2 years and take the necessary steps to prevent future violations.

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