Posted on Jun 29, 2015

While Jeff and Phil were busy preparing to speak in June at the Missouri Solo and Small Firm Conference on ERISA matters, Jill has been preparing written materials for two upcoming seminars at which she will be speaking.  The first seminar is a national video webcast entitled, "The Paralegal's Guide to Auto Injury Litigation," which will be sponsored by the Institute for Paralegal Education and will be filmed at the National Business Institute studios in Wisconsin in July.  The video webcast will be presented on August 25, 2015.  Jill will be speaking on the topics of "Case Intake and Investigation" as well as "Evidence and Discovery."  Paralegals can register here:,Nra:pEventDate%2bpEventStartTime%2bCredit+Hours%2bpCreditRecordCreditHours%2bCredit_C2%2bpStandardPrice%2bSeminar+Location%2bScope+of+Content%2bpLocationCity%2bpDescription%2bpDivision%2bpProductId%2bpProductDescription%2bProductCode+(HIDDEN)%2bpAdditionalFormats%2bpEventId%2bpAltSpaceDesc%2bpEventIndicator%2bpEventEndDate%2bpMultiDayEvent,N:63944


Jill will also be speaking in St. Louis, Missouri at the seminar, "Handling the Workers' Compensation Case from Start to Finish," which will be an all-day live seminar sponsored by National Business Institute.  She will be presenting on the topics of "Overview of Laws and Concepts" and "Recovery from Third Parties."  Attorneys can register here:,Nra:pEventDate%2bpEventStartTime%2bCredit+Hours%2bpCreditRecordCreditHours%2bCredit_C2%2bpStandardPrice%2bSeminar+Location%2bScope+of+Content%2bpLocationCity%2bpDescription%2bpDivision%2bpProductId%2bpProductDescription%2bProductCode+(HIDDEN)%2bpAdditionalFormats%2bpEventId%2bpAltSpaceDesc%2bpEventIndicator%2bpEventEndDate%2bpMultiDayEvent,N:63943-31


We at Bollwerk & Tatlow are always honored to be asked to speak frequently to our peers.