Posted on Oct 14, 2011

October 4, 2011 Sauget, Ill. - A maintenance worker at the Center Ethanol Co. plant in Sauget, IL is safe today thanks to the efforts of rescue workers.

STL Today
reported that the 43-year-old man was performing routine maintenance on a grain bin at the plant on September 29. A little before 9 a.m. the man became trapped in the 75-foot high bin filled with about 80,000 bushels of grain.

During his work, the corn inside the bin shifted, causing an avalanche around him, pulling him down like quicksand. Rescue workers from the St. Louis Fire Department and St. Clair County emergency services rescue team responded to the incident.

Rescue teams assessed the worker's condition and found him to be conscious and responsive as they worked to shovel corn away from his body. A tube was placed around the victim to prevent the corn from crushing him further. He eventually was able to stand up and workers were able to pull him from the bin safely.

The worker was taken to St. Louis University Hospital by medical helicopter. During the flight, medical crew reported that he was complaining of pain in his right leg, but was able to move all of his limbs.

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