Posted on Dec 11, 2010
A Madison County woman is suing her former employer after she alleges that they fired her for needing a hip replacement surgery.

According to the Madison Record, Beverly Tallant was fired from her job at Sun Loan Company Illinois just two days after she told her employers that she required a hip replacement surgery.

The incident began on February 3, 2009, when Tallant was admitted to the hospital with disabling hip pain and difficulty walking. Her doctors informed her that a full hip replacement would relieve her pain and make her more mobile. Tallant went back to work on February 12 and February 13, where she suffered from significant pain. Her work suffered due to her hip condition and the side effects from her pain medication.

On Feb 13, her immediate boss informed her that her supervisors were terminating her. Because her immediate boss understood that Tallant was fulfilling her responsibilities on the job, it was clear that she was being terminated because of her needed hip replacement.

During her termination, Tallant signed a Separation Agreement after she was told that her health insurance from work would still pay for her surgery – but Sun Loan stopped her health insurance and prevented her from fixing her hip. Tallant also argued that her supervisors talked to her and distracted her as she was trying to read the agreement.

Tallant is suing Sun Loan for compensation that includes lost wages – an amount between $50,000 and $70,000.

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