Posted on Jul 06, 2011
Phil Tatlow handled an ERISA administrative process and appeal of a bottler for Anheuser Busch after his client was denied payment under a Prudential Life Insurance policy when he became permanently and totally disabled. E.A. was a bottler for his entire career at Anheuser Busch. He alleged that his hearing loss, his arthritis and his occasional seizures made it unsafe to work in the bottling plant anymore. As a bottler, E.A. had to work on the bottle lines, doing medium physical capactiy work, working on packers, depallitizers and fork trucks. His limitations on standing, crawling and squatting made it hard for him to operate the lines and do the work necessary to clean up the areas when beer spilled or bottles were broken. His pain prevented him from climbing up ladders and onto and off of his fork truck. Mr. Tatlow handled the administrative process and appeals of his claim for a buyout of his life insurance policy once E.A.  became unable to work at his past work and any other occupation. Anheuser Busch and Prudential Insurance Company paid him the policy limits of $100,000 prior to filing a lawsuit in the case.