Posted on Mar 25, 2011

March 25, 2011 - The Honda Motor Company announced on March 16 that they are issuing a voluntary recall of about 18,000 Honda Civic 2011 models.

The recall comes after reports that a plastic case covering a valve in the fuel pump module can crack, potentially causing a fuel leak in a rollover crash. Fuel leaks increase the potential for fires in any type of accident, but luckily there have been no fire reports thus far.

Chris Martin, a Honda spokesman, said very few of the 18,056 vehicles are thought to be affected by the manufacturing defect. Vehicle owners can get a free inspection of the fuel pump module and have it replaced at no cost if they are affected by the defect.

Honda is expected to begin sending the recall notices to potentially affected owners around April 11
. Civic owners who receive a notice are urged to contact their local dealer or Honda directly at 800-999-1009 to find a repair facility. Owners may also go to and see if their vehicle is in need of inspection.

Vehicle recalls can affect 1000s of drivers and in many cases are not discovered until a serious injury or fatal accident occurs. When manufacturers of consumer products are negligent in the design or production of their goods, there is the potential that many consumers could suffer the repercussions. A victim harmed by a defective product has the right to file a Missouri product liability claim to pursue compensation for their damages.

Contacting a St. Louis Defective Product

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