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"The Good Nurse"--A Dark Insight into one Nurse's Reign of Terror

Posted on Jun 16, 2013


Charlie Cullen was just another "good nurse" in NJ and PA, but he harbored a wicked secret...He was responsible for killing as many as 40 patients.  In the new book, "The Good Nurse," Charles Graeber details the the true story of the events surrounding this horror.  He delves into the methods of Cullen, painting a frightening reality of safety protocols within hospitals.  In addition, Mr. Graeber describes the hospital's financial motives for keeping Cullen employed amidst severe allegations, for fear of legal fallout.  The author uses the second half of the story to recount the intriguing investigation which led to the ultimate arrest and conviction of Cullen.   This book illustrates a dark, tragic event and some harsh truths about some of the institutions we entrust with our care.  If this is something that interests you, pick it up at your local public library, or online at


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