Life becomes all about healing and coping with your injuries when you've suffered severe burns in a car accident. In Missouri, burn victims can consult with a St. Louis personal injury attorney to discuss legal options, and to work with insurance companies to make sure all medical needs are quickly addressed.

Types of Burn Injuries

An estimated 450,000 people receive treatment for burns every year, according to the American Burn Association. Thankfully, because of advances in research and treatments, the survival rate is nearly 95 percent.

Many burn victims, however, suffer from severe and painful side complications, and may have to live with disfigurement and other long-term effects.

Side effects and complications of burn injuries depend upon the nature of the accident, as well as the type and severity of the burns:

  • First Degree Burns - with this type of burn, only the top layer of skin is affected. First degree burns are red and painful, but generally heal with minimal scarring.
  • Second Degree Burns - these burns extend to the second layer of skin, creating painful blisters and bleeding. Burns of this nature can take months to heal and are more susceptible to infection than first degree burns.
  • Third Degree Burns - as the most severe category of burn injuries, third degree burns damage not only the skin, but may also affect the underlying muscles and tendons. The injury appears pale and leathery, and nerve damage to the surrounding area is common. 

Dealing with the Effects of Burn Injuries

For many people, injuries they've sustained from a car accident may heal completely. This isn't likely the case with severe burn injuries, which cause scarring, pain, and other health complications long after the initial injuries have healed.

Burn injury survivors
have to deal with these consequences for the rest of their lives; they may have to cope with a lowered quality of life, as well as relationship and emotional issues, and may not be able to resume their careers after the accident.

If you or a loved one has suffered serious burn injuries in a car accident in Missouri, contact a St. Louis personal injury attorney to help pursue financial compensation for the trauma you've gone through.

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