Car accidents are a frequent reality of the roads in and just outside St. Louis. A common question that victims of auto accidents are forced to ask themselves is whether or not they plan on pursuing a Missouri personal injury claim with or without the assistance of a St. Louis personal injury lawyer.

Settling a Claim without a St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyer

While it is true that in some instances settling a Missouri personal injury claim does not require legal representation, in most instances in which a car accident victim does not choose to hire an attorney, the settlement amount is most likely lower than it would have been otherwise. 

However, when an accident isn't very serious, it may be more advisable to proceed without a lawyer because the margin of additional compensation may not be greater than the total amount of the attorney's fees.

Cases in which you may not need a personal injury lawyer include:

  • minor automobile, bicycle or pedestrian accidents that incurred no serious injuries;
  • defective product claims with minor or no injuries;
  • any accident in which only property damage occurred; and
  • any accident in which the injuries are minor and simple to explain, and fault is obvious. 

It's important to point out that if the liability of the accident is being disputed by the parties involved, then an attorney can be a wise investment. Many accident victims would agree it's better to have 60% to 75% of a settlement than to have a claim rejected outright.

If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident in Missouri, you should contact a St. Louis personal injury lawyer. Even if you choose to settle the case on your own, an attorney can answer your questions about liability or reasonable settlement offers. Your Missouri personal injury claim deserves professional representation.

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