A St. Charles personal injury attorney can be extremely helpful after a truck accident in St. Charles, Missouri because truck accidents are distinct from typical auto accidents. Truck drivers are held to different and unique standards that passenger vehicle drivers are not.

Depending on the specific case the fault of an accident may not even be attributed to the driver at all but to the commercial company instead. With the complexity of this type of accident an attorney can help make the process smooth and simple.

Neglect in a Truck Accident in St. Charles, Missouri

The process for a truck driver to obtain a commercial license is more in-depth and complicated than it is for a regular driver's license. Driving a truck in and of itself requires a greater amount of skill to operate safely on the road. All drivers must undergo a special driving course and training. 

A truck accident is sometimes caused because a driver neglects federal driving regulations or laws. An attorney can help you review the facts of your case to determine if the violation of regulation will place the blame on the truck driver or the respective commercial truck company.

In other cases, the driver may be spending too many hours behind the wheel (not uncommon for commercial truck drivers). Within the federal driving regulations includes a law that dictates how much a driver is allowed to spend on the road at a time.

Drivers are bound by law to take breaks for a minimum amount of time. If a driver abuses these rules and neglects the mandatory rest breaks he or she could be putting everyone on the road at risk. Overworked and fatigued drivers are very likely to cause a serious accident and truck accidents can often be fatal.

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