An 11-story building located in the 100 block of North Tucker in downtown St. Louis has been donated by Joe and Loretta Scott to be the new location of St. Louis University's School of Law.  According to a letter sent to law students by the dean of the law school, Annette Clark, the move should take place some time in August of 2012.  The location of the building will place SLU law students directly across from the City of St. Louis courthouse and within walking distance of several law firms.

Students worried about getting to the new law school location from campus will be happy to learn that a shuttle will be provided by the university to take them downtown from the midtown campus. 

The new building provides seven usable floors, including a ground-floor auditorium.   The building is also equiped with a parking garage, but it is unclear whether this will be available for student use. 

St. Louis University will honor the donors of the building by naming it the "Joe and Loretta Scott Law Center."