Don'ts in Your Missouri Car Accident Claim

Not only is what you do important after a Missouri car accident, but so is what you don't. There are some don'ts that could make a significant difference in how your case plays out. Knowing what not to do after your accident can determine the outcome of your Missouri car accident claim. This is why having the help of a Missouri personal injury attorney is important.

Don't ever accept an offer made by the insurance company without first knowing all of the losses you are entitled to recover, now and in the future.
This is where attorneys can be very beneficial. They can calculate your damages and provide an estimate of how much compensation you could be entitled to receive through your Missouri car accident claim.

Don't agree to provide the insurance company with a written or recorded statement.
When you provide this, you cannot take back anything you have said, and it could be used against you.

You also don't want to sign a medical release form, which would allow the insurance company access to your medical records.
In fact, you shouldn't sign any forms or waivers without first speaking to an attorney.

Finally, don't try to fight a claim on your own when you have suffered serious injuries.
An attorney has the knowledge, experience and access to resources that you would never be able to attain on your own.

When you plan on filing a Missouri car accident claim, protect your rights by first seeking legal counsel. You will increase your chances at a favorable outcome.

Contacting a
Missouri Personal Injury Attorney

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