Participation Requirements Set Forth by ERISA Regulations

There are minimum standards for participation that both the employee and pension plan sponsors must follow to satisfy ERISA regulations. As an employee you must work a certain amount of time for an employer before becoming eligible for participation in a pension plan.

The ERISA regulations specify the timeframe in which an employer must offer their pension plan vesting to an employee, when benefit eligibility becomes available, and the rights to those benefits.
The law also regulates the funding rules that define how the pension plan sponsors must provide funding to the plan.

If there are any breaches in these requirements, a St. Louis ERISA lawyer can help you file a claim against the parties responsible for ERISA violations. The ERISA regulations help secure your right to certain benefits if the plan is terminated or if you experience difficulty filing for benefits such as disability through your pension plan.

Protecting Your Pension Plan Benefits with a St. Louis ERISA Lawyer

While most workers don't worry about their pension plan until it's time for retirement the truth is you may need to access benefits earlier than that. In cases of disability, most pension plans have a disability benefits program to help you and your family cope financially with early retirement due to disability.

Unfortunately, in some cases these benefits are not easily obtained, and require the guidance of a St. Louis ERISA lawyer to secure. An experienced St. Louis ERISA lawyer can help explain the ERISA regulations to you and apply the law to your own specific case. 

Cases involving instances of ERISA violations are shrouded in lots of legal red tape and difficult-to-decipher legislation. It's easy for a worker to miss out on some of their ERISA regulated benefits - including disability benefits - if they are unaware of the full breadth of their rights. A St. Louis ERISA lawyer can work hand-in-hand with you to determine whether you are receiving your full benefits under the law.

Contacting a St. Louis ERISA Lawyer to Protect Your Rights

If your ERISA-controlled disability benefits, life insurance or accidental death benefits have been unfairly denied it's important that you seek legal guidance from a St. Louis ERISA attorney who understands the intricacies of these very complex cases. The Missouri ERISA attorney team at Bollwerk & Tatlow, LLC fights for Missouri workers. Contact us today - 314-315-8111.