A major concern with defective medical devices is that they cause injury to already compromised patients. Therefore, the injuries that occur from these accidents can often be much more severe due to the victim already being weakened from existing conditions.

This can provide another problem for victims and their families when defective medical devices cause serious injury or death. A defense many St. Louis defective products attorneys see against these claims is that the claimant was already injured and the device did not create the additional injuries they suffered from using defective medical devices.

Power Wheelchairs: Common Defective Medical Devices

Many disabled individuals rely on power wheelchairs to move about in their daily lives. These devices have allowed for more paralyzed patients to regain their independence and mobility, giving a greater quality of life. Unfortunately, with these advances in mobility equipment also come increased risk of product failure and defects.

Power wheelchairs have become so advanced in recent years that they are becoming more difficult to manufacture and maintain. The more complex a wheelchair becomes, the more components there are to be damaged, neglected or prone to failure. Even manual wheelchairs can become defective medical devices due to manufacturing or design errors. 

While manual wheelchairs pose a risk of breaking down and injuring the operator, power wheelchairs have additional risks of electrocution, fire, and loss of control due to their electronic components. Some specially designed chairs also contain medical equipment such as respirators, vital sign monitors, IV controls, and speech assistance. If any of these components fail, it could be life-threatening to the operator.

St. Louis defective products attorneys see cases of defective medical devices on a regular basis. These claims are no less serious than a car accident or workplace injury, and are often made even more complicated due to the existing conditions the victim already suffered.

There are many more factors to consider when filing a dangerous product claim for power wheelchairs. St. Louis defective products attorneys are well versed in Missouri product liability law and can help you determine what your options are for filing your claim.

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