If you are sent back to work after a Missouri workplace accident and told it is "light duty" you should know what your rights are. It will depend on a variety of factors. Since it can become complicated and you may be unsure of your rights, you may find it necessary to seek counsel from a Missouri Workers' Compensation attorney.

Sometimes after an injury at work, you will be told you can return to work with certain restrictions on how much you can do. This is called "light duty" and will vary depending on the type of job you have and the tasks involved.

If you are responsible for loading a truck and packages can weigh anywhere up to 50 pounds, your doctor may restrict you to no more than 20 pounds. While you might think this means you don't have to return work, your employer may have other work available for you, such as filing.

If you are offered another type of work, you must accept it. If you do not, you jeopardize your right to benefits through your Missouri Workers' Compensation claim. 

There are times when it may become necessary to seek the help of a Missouri Workers' Compensation attorney. If you are released by a doctor to perform light duty work but your employer does not comply, you should speak with a Workers' Compensation attorney. 

Another time you may need a Workers' Compensation attorney is if your employer doesn't have light duty work available and won't pay you.
To fully understand what your rights are as a worker when you have a Missouri Workers' Compensation claim, it is best to speak with an experienced Missouri Workers' Compensation attorney.

Contacting a Missouri Workers' Compensation

When a workplace accident in Missouri causes serious injury or death, Missouri Workers' Compensation is often the primary source of benefits to address the damages. Order our FREE guide to Missouri Workers' Compensation for injured workers and learn more about this often complicated system. If you have questions about Missouri Workers' Compensation or your claim has been denied, delayed or unfairly reduced, contact the Missouri Workers' Compensation attorney team at Bollwerk & Tatlow, LLC - 314-315-8111.