The retirement plan administrator for your employee benefits is required under ERISA law to disclose certain information to you periodically, as well as furnish other documentation upon request. Failure to comply with these parts of the ERISA law can result in the need to take legal action with the help of a St. Louis ERISA lawyer.

Your retirement plan administrator should offer periodic updates regarding the following aspects of your benefits plan:
  • summary of material modification;
  • summary annual report;
  • periodic pension benefit statement;
  • notification of significant reduction in future benefit accruals;
  • annual funding statement; and
  • notice of intent to terminate. 

In addition to these reports required by ERISA law, your retirement plan administrator is also required to furnish upon request your plan documents and a statement of benefits. Failure to comply with this request within 30 days may also prompt legal action with the help of a St. Louis ERISA lawyer.

Ideally, if your plan is well managed by your retirement plan administrator there should be no need to question the access you have to your plan information. However, if you are ever denied any of this information, that may be a warning sign that something is amiss with your plan's health. You should consult with a St. Louis ERISA lawyer immediately if this is the case to help preserve your retirement plan.

Also keep in mind that shortcomings or problems with one aspect of how your Missouri employer handles issues governed by ERISA law may be an indication that they are not following protocol in other areas related to your employee rights. This is something to keep in mind when you believe that your retirement benefits are being mismanaged.

Contacting a St. Louis ERISA Lawyer to Protect Your Rights

If your ERISA-controlled disability benefits, life insurance or accidental death benefits have been unfairly denied it's important that you seek legal guidance from a St. Louis ERISA attorney who understands the intricacies of these very complex cases. The Missouri ERISA attorney team at Bollwerk & Tatlow, LLC fights for Missouri workers. Contact us today - 314-315-8111.