You should look to see if you have other insurance that might pay for your bills as your case is pending.  For instance, you may have medical payments coverage on your automobile insurance policy. Medical payments coverage will pay your medical bills, up to a certain limit, regardless of whether the accident was your fault or the fault of the other driver.  In Missouri, you do not have to reimburse your medical payments coverage out of any settlement your might receive from the other driver. If you do not have medical payments coverage, then you can submit your medical bills to your health insurance carrier.  Be aware that many employer-provided health insurance carriers will seek reimbursement from you for the bills that they have paid when your case with the other driver is resolved.  However, there are only certain circumstances where an employer-provided health insurance carrier does get repaid, and it is in your best interest to consult an attorney before you assume that your health insurance carrier must be reimbursed out of any settlement you receive from the other driver.

If you are on Medicare or Medicaid, you can have these government programs pay your bills while the case is pending.  However, Medicare and Medicaid almost always get paid back at the time of settlement, so make sure Medicare or Medicaid knows that you have a personal injury claim pending with another driver so that repayment arrangements can be made at the time your case with the other driver is resolved.