ERISA contains difficult statutes, cases and concepts for Missouri attorneys that work in general practice firms. Many subjects that general practitioners handle may contain an issue related to an ERISA health, life insurance or disability plans. Phil was asked by the Missouri Bar Association to speak on the topic, "ERISA in your NON ERISA practice." He invited Jeff Hermann to be a co-presenter and they will author a paper and speak on topics to help the general practitioner in their everyday practice. The seminar will include how to handle a claim for reimbursement of a health insurance claim by an ERISA plan in a personal injury and worker's compensation claim, the interaction between Social Security Disability benefits, worker's compensation benefits and ERISA long-term disability benefits and a short introduction to what statutes, regulations and case law controls ERISA litigation. If time permits, they will explain to the audience how to identify a self-funded insurance plan and identify some pitfalls to not protecting the ERISA carrier.
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