No Pay, No Play Law

If you operate a motor vehicle in the state of Missouri, you are required by law to carry auto insurance on your vehicle.  Failure to do so now has greater implications for uninsured drivers than ever before. 

Missouri is now a “no pay, no play” state.  This means that if you are hurt in an accident anywhere in the state of Missouri and you do not have car insurance, you may be limited from recovering fully for your injuries, even if the other driver was 100% at fault!  

This law states that an “uninsured motorist” may not recover any “non-economic” damages stemming from an auto accident.  This means that if you do not have your own insurance coverage, you are not entitled to any money damages for pain and suffering for your injuries.  The only thing you will likely recover is the cost of your medical bills.

The law extends this further and limits recovery even if you don’t own your own car and borrow an uninsured vehicle from a friend.  You may not even know that the car you’re borrowing is uninsured and if you are hit by another driver, you’re still barred from receiving compensation for your injuries.    

There are few exceptions to this law, such as if you are hit by a driver under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  To know whether this law or any of its exception applies to you, you should contact a Missouri personal injury attorney about your case.   

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