Many workers in Missouri know that they can receive workers’ compensation when they suffer an accident that causes long-term disabilities or when they are injured on the job and can’t continue their regular duties. However, fewer workers know that under certain circumstances they can also collect additional benefits for work injuries or conditions that cause disfigurement. More specifically, injured workers in Missouri can receive payments for disfigurement on their heads, faces, neck, arms, or hands.

What is disfigurement? Disfigurement could include any noticeable change to your appearance, such as scars from lacerations or burns, deformities, or changes in the color or appearance of your skin. In addition, disfigurement could also include the loss of limbs or amputation. 

Were you involved in an on-the-job accident in Missouri that caused permanent disfigurement? Talk to a St. Louis attorney today about your possible MO workers’ compensation case.
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