Many people purchase accidental death insurance in addition to traditional life insurance.  The reason most people  purchase such insurance is so that their loved ones who depend on them financially will be able to replace their income in the event that they die suddenly in an accident.  Insurance companies often deny claims made for accidental death benefits, stating that the insurance company has found that the cause of death was not the accident but some other reason. They, too, deny claims because they assert that some policy provision excluded the circumstances of the accident.  For example, claims are often denied because the carrier feels that the deceased person contributed to cause his death by drinking or taking drugs.    Furthermore, claims are often denied if the person has an accident, but doesn't die immediately.  Many times, these "excuses" given by the insurance company are not legitimate.

We at Bollwerk & Ryan handle accidental death claims.  Many of these accidental death policies are governed by federal ERISA law, while some are governed by state law.  If you made a claim for accidental death benefits because your spouse or loved one died in an accident, and the insurance company denied your claim, it is imperative that you speak to an attorney who handles accidental death claims immediately.  If the policy is one governed by ERISA law, certain procedures must be followed very strictly, and you must exhaust your administrative remedies before you can take your case to court.  Accidental death claims can be lost simply by not following the procedures set forth in the insurance policy, so you should at least consult with an attorney once your claim is initially denied. 
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