Posted on Dec 06, 2010
It has been almost a year since Illinois passed two new laws in hopes of reducing the number of traffic accidents caused by text messaging and distracted driving. But although police are issuing citations and raising awareness about the dangers of taking your eyes off of the road while driving, texting accidents are still an issue across the state.

Just last month, a Crystal Lake driver was texting while behind the wheel and crashed into a residential home, causing significant property damage even while driving under 30 miles per hour. The driver was cited for texting while driving, a $75 offense that has been handed out just ten times in the last year in the town. Police also say that about ten warnings have been issued as well. Some worry that texting laws are difficult to enforce and that many residents have not stopped mobile phone use while driving because they do not see it as unsafe.

One of the new Illinois laws state that no driver is allowed to send or text messages or emails while driving – nor are they allowed to surf the web on a mobile device. The other new Illinois traffic law states that it is illegal to talk on a cell phone while driving through a school zone or road construction work zone.

Crystal Lake believes that one key to preventing future car accidents caused by texting, cell phones, and distracted driving is educating teens and new drivers. They are accomplishing this goal by stressing the new driver distraction laws in drivers’ education programs and school safety programs.

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