Posted on May 11, 2016

Jill Bollwerk is honored to speak with fellow attorney Nancy Mogab at the 22nd Annual Missouri Workers' Compensation Conference, which takes place June 6-7, 2016.  The title of their discussion is "Understanding and resolving issues regarding ERISA, Medicare, Medicaid, Disability Benefits and Unpaid Medical Bills." 


This conference is unique in that all folks involved in the workers' compensation process in Missouri are invited to attend, including Administrative Law Judges, employee attorneys, employer attorneys, claims adjusters, nurses, doctors, employees of the Division of Workers' Compensation and the Labor and Industrial Relations Commission. 


The issues that Jill and Nancy will be discussing affect everyone involved in the process.  Medical bills that were paid by a self-funded ERISA plan will likely have to be repaid at the time of settlement, which can affect the parties' abilities to reach a settlement.  Medicare conditional payments and future medical issues plague nearly every serious injury case.  Workers' compensation benefits can also create an offset situation when a person is receiving Social Security Disabilty benefits.  These factors need to be considered and understood by all parties when trying to resolve a workers' compensation case. 


If you would like to attend this year's conference, here is a link to more information:   22nd Annual Missouri Workers' Compensation Conference.  Here is the Agenda!

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