When you suffer a workplace injury in Missouri, your life can come to a halt, and your livelihood can seem uncertain. The sheer scope of different things to worry about after a workplace injury in Missouri is staggering -- how to treat your injuries, how you'll pay your bills if you miss work, whether your injury will interfere with your job permanently, etc.

The Workers' Compensation claims process can be confusing, but a Kirkwood Workers' Comp attorney has the experience to guide you through every aspect of your Worker's Comp claim after a workplace injury in Missouri. It's important that you empower yourself with information about the claims process. Simple mistakes could affect your chances of being properly compensated for an injury you sustained on the job.

Taking Action after Your Workplace Injury in Missouri

First, report the accident to your employer. Don't assume that your employer already knows about the accident and resultant injury. Failure to report the accident to your employer could adversely affect your Worker's Compensation claim. You must file a written incident report of the injury -- Workers' Compensation law requires that after a workplace injury in Missouri, you must give the date, time, location and manner of injury within 30 days. If your employer attempts to deny your claim, and you didn't submit written notice, your case could evaporate over a technicality.

Next, seek medical treatment. Immediately ask your employer to send you to a doctor. By law, the employer may select the doctor or medical professional you see for a workplace injury in Missouri. You may only receive treatment from your own doctor if you plan to pay for it yourself or if your employer sends you to your doctor. Otherwise, you must use the medical services your employer provides. A Kirkwood Workers' Comp attorney can assist you if you suspect the doctor your employer uses isn't treating the full severity of your injury.

Most importantly, know your rights. If the doctor your employer sends you to claims you're at the "maximum medical improvement" from your workplace injury in Missouri, and you're still suffering from the consequences of your injury or feel you need further treatment, contact a Kirkwood Workers' Comp attorney. Your employer isn't required to send you for a second opinion and simply may opt not to. Don't leave the future of your health up to your employer's focus on costs and the company's bottom line. A Kirkwood Workers' Comp attorney will fight and get the second opinion you deserve and the treatment you need.

Contacting a Kirkwood Workers' Comp Attorney 

When a workplace injury in Missouri causes serious harm or death, Missouri Workers' Compensation is often the primary source of benefits to address the damages. Order our FREE guide to Missouri Workers' Compensation for injured workers and learn more about this often complicated system. If you have questions about Missouri Workers' Compensation or your claim has been denied, delayed or unfairly reduced, contact the Kirkwood Workers' Comp attorney team at Bollwerk & Tatlow, LLC - 1-314-315-8111.