You can help your Missouri personal injury claim in a number of ways. The best way you can help is by consulting with a St. Louis personal injury attorney, who can evaluate your case carefully to determine if you have a valid claim that is worth pursuing.

One way you can help your Missouri personal injury claim is by keeping thorough, accurate details of your accident and aftermath.
This includes a copy of your accident report, pictures of the accident scene, your vehicle and your injuries.

You will also want contact information of the other driver, any witnesses to the accident, the insurance company, treating doctor and others who may be involved in your case.

In addition, you should keep all receipts, insurance statements and bills. This will help in determining the amount of compensation you may be eligible to receive.
You also want to keep track of which bills health insurance pays.

Finally, keep a pain journal or a list of the symptoms you are experiencing. If you are given any medication or undergo any type of medical procedure or treatment, you should also list it. 

With so much information necessary to build a solid case, you don't want to rely on memory. It is best to keep a file with all of this information so that you are prepared.

Filing a Missouri personal injury claim can be time-consuming and complicated, but you can also make the process easier by having the right information on hand. Of course, the best way to help your claim is by securing the legal counsel of a St. Louis personal injury attorney.  

Contacting a
St. Louis Personal Injury Attorney

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