Posted on Jun 22, 2010
Phil Tatlow has filed a negligence action against a local hospital after his client developed huge decubitus ulcers on his coccyx while his client was at the hospital for surgery for a pseudocyst. Tatlow and his client allege that the hospital knew that the client was at great risk for a skin breakdown and for development of an infection at the site of his surgical wound or another area and that the hospital failed to take reasonable preventive measures to protect him from infection and skin breakdown. His client alleges that the hospital took no skin assessment on Plaintiff and did not monitor his skin integrity or implement any preventive nursing measures from January 28, 2008 to January 31, 2009. By that time, the client maintains that he had already developed a huge decubitus ulcer on his backside that was bleeding and grew black due to death of the skin. Tatlow maintains that the nursing staff did not even look at his backside and do an assessment until he went to the bathroom and asked the nursing staff why there was a trail of blood from the bed to the bathroom. At that time, his client was evaluated and he had a condition that required several surgeries due to the skin breakdown and extensive medical treatment including debridement of the wound and an effort to surgically correct the hole left in his coccyx. He is in need of further medical treatment. Tatlow and his client sued the hospital in St. Louis County and are seeking damages for his medical treatment, his future care, his pain and suffering and damages for the troubles his wife went through while he has suffered from the injury. Discovery in the case is ongoing and a trial date has not yet been reached.