Posted on Dec 24, 2010
A two-year project on the Mississippi River Bridge on I-80 in Illinois shows that road construction can prove dangerous and deadly for both construction workers and for drivers. Since the bridge project began in early 2009, eight people have died in car accidents before, after, or on the bridge that connects the Quad Cities.

This week, the roadwork is finally completed and four lanes of regular traffic will flow over the bridge. The Illinois Department of Transportation is expected to execute the final examination of the bridge in the coming days.

Illinois DOT said that any time an interstate has a lane reduction or lane shift because of road construction, car accidents take place. In many cases, these car accidents are caused when inattentive drivers don’t see the lane changes or when speeding vehicles rear end cars that are slowing down for the construction zone.

How can drivers prevent fatal car accidents as they approach a lane shift or lane closure in a road construction zone? Illinois DOT officials say that it is most important to pay attention. In addition, drivers are encouraged to keep a larger distance between their vehicle and the one in front of them. To prevent rear-end accidents, tap your brakes to alert approaching drivers that you are slowing down.

Obeying the regular traffic laws can also prevent car accidents. Traveling under the speed limit, driving cautiously, and keeping your eyes on the road can all help keep Illinois roads safe and accident free.

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