You should automatically receive periodic updates on your benefits that are governed under ERISA. This is to keep you informed of how your money is being used and saved for your later benefit. Failure to adhere to the agreed periodic updates can create worry about the management of your plans. If you are in doubt of how your plan is being handled you can discuss the situation with a St. Louis ERISA lawyer to see if further investigation is needed.

Your ERISA Rights to Request Information

Even if you are not working with a St. Louis ERISA lawyer to file a lawsuit for misconduct in regards to your benefits plan you may need to request certain information about your benefits. ERISA rights require the plan administration to provide you with plan documents and a statement of accrued and no forfeitable benefits within 30 days of your request.

These are just 2 main examples of the documents you may need to request to review the details of your ERISA-regulated benefits plan. If you are ever denied your disability benefits or question your coverage in the event of unexpected retirement due to disability you should contact your St. Louis ERISA lawyer to request your plan information to determine your rights to benefit access.

A well-managed and honest benefit plan should not create the need to investigate the plan details on a regular basis. If your employer and plan managers are honest about their upkeep of your benefits plan you should never have to worry about your ERISA rights. 

In the event the validity of your benefits plan is ever called into question - whether you suspect suspicious activity or you have been denied the full benefits you are entitled to - you do not have to handle the fight for your rightful benefits alone. An experienced St. Louis ERISA lawyer can protect your ERISA rights and help you obtain the information that your employer must legally disclose for your use in an ERISA-related lawsuit.

Contacting a St. Louis ERISA Lawyer to Protect Your Rights

If your ERISA-controlled disability benefits, life insurance or accidental death benefits have been unfairly denied it's important that you seek legal guidance from a St. Louis ERISA lawyer who understands the intricacies of these very complex cases. The Missouri ERISA attorney team at Bollwerk & Tatlow, LLC fights for Missouri workers. Contact us today - 314-315-8111.