Established during World War II, the Missouri Second Injury Fund was created to help encourage the hiring of disabled workers. The fund would pay for the disabled workers' increased disabilities should they suffer a work-related accident in Missouri that causes additional medical conditions. This would often create complex workers' compensation claims requiring a St. Louis workers' compensation attorney to resolve.

Until recently, the Missouri Second Injury Fund was healthy and operational.
The funding came from a surcharge on Missouri employers' workers' compensation insurance premiums. An annual budget for the fund was set based on the anticipated spending for the upcoming year and in some years the surcharge was not necessary due to over-estimation.

Problems with Politics and Missouri Workers' Compensation Law

In 2005 there was some political shifting in Missouri and several changes in legislation were considered to be anti-worker. One of the most significant laws to be rewritten to the detriment of workers who suffered a work-related accident in Missouri was the workers' compensation law.

After this rewrite, numerous conditions, diseases, and injuries previously covered under the law were no longer allowed, and significant limits were placed on benefits.
The changes also impacted the Missouri Second Injury Fund, especially with the cap placed on the amount of surcharge that could be collected.

Because the workers' compensation insurance premiums dropped after these changes, the surcharge maximum also decreased. The amount of funding the Missouri Second Injury Fund was allowed to collect was then unable to keep up with the claims filed for a work-related accident in Missouri.

Since these changes, many workers may find themselves tangled in claims between their employers' workers' compensation insurance and the Missouri Second Injury Fund.
A St. Louis workers' compensation attorney is often necessary to obtain the compensation and benefits you deserve.

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