If you or a loved one were seriously or fatally injured because of a dangerous automobile or a vehicle defect, you could be entitled to compensation through a Missouri defective product claim. For help with your claim, consult a St. Louis personal injury lawyer.

A defective product of any type can cause serious injuries. However, when it involves a vehicle that you travel in, the results can be devastating. You may face a long road of recovery and mounting medical bills that could be covered through a claim. If you lost a loved one, you may be entitled to compensation as a result of wrongful death.

Dangerous Vehicles or Defects for Missouri Defective Product Claim

Sometimes it can be a challenge to distinguish between driver error and a defect in the vehicle. This is why if you suspect the possibility, you should speak to a St. Louis personal injury lawyer. A lawyer can utilize experts who will help determine what the source of your accident was.

Some of the common types of defects that have caused injuries or death in vehicles include:

  • sudden acceleration;
  • electronic problems;
  • malfunctioning brakes; and
  • steering wheel problems.  

Additionally, defects can be found in a car's hydraulics, rotors, brake pads, lights, drums, air bags and other parts.

Injuries from an accident involving a defective vehicle can be catastrophic. You may be unable to work as well. Compensation for your medical expenses and lost wages could be recovered through a Missouri defective product claim. Contact your St. Louis personal injury lawyer to evaluate your case and protect your rights for a fair and full settlement.

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