Each year an estimated 10,000 traffic accident victims die because they were not wearing their seat belts. However, safety advocates believe that hundreds more die because their seat belt system fails them due to design flaws and manufacturing defects.

Over the past decade, the car manufacturer Kia Motors has often been under fire for defective and dangerous seat belt systems. The car company has announced several large recalls regarding defective seat belts in their vehicles and have faced a plethora of wrongful death lawsuits and product liability lawsuit regarding their faulty safety devices.

Wearing a seat belt is the single best way to protect yourself from car accident injury and car accident death – but if your seat belt does not work, it could cost you your life. If you have been seriously injured in a car accident because of a faulty Kia seat belt, or if someone you love was killed in a car crash because of a defective Kia seat belt, talk to a car accident attorney today.
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