The Texas legislature had enacted legislation to make it harder for clinics in Texas to give women abortions. The legislaation included provisions saying the clinics had to be like surgical hospitals and that the Physicians working at the clinics had to have admitting privileges at the hospitals surrounding the clinics. As a result nearly half of the state's abortion clinics were closed with another ten set to close, making it harder and harder for women to have abortions in Texas. A majority of the Supreme Court struck down the laws as being unconstitutional and being a thinly veiled attempt to restrict women's rights to have an abortion. The court upheld women's right to have an abortion and struck down the Texas laws as being unconstitutional.

The case name is:

Whole Woman's Health ET AL v. Hellerstendt, Commissioner, Texas Department of State Health Services, ET Al.,

No. 15-274, U.S. Supreme Court, 6/27/2016.

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