It is a good idea to always be prepared in the unfortunate event you are in an automobile accident.  Of course, you must always have your driver's license and your insurance card with you.  But did you ever think about carrying a disposable camera in your glove box? 

Photographs of the damage to the cars involved in a crash can prove to be essential pieces of evidence in some motor vehicle accident cases.  If you don't take photographs before the vehicles leave the scene, you may never have the opportunity to take photographs--particularly photographs of the other driver's vehicle involved in the accident.  Don't rely on the other driver's insurance company to take photos that are going to help you prove your case.  Oftentimes, their objective is to take photos that make the damage to the vehicles appear minimal.  Your best bet is to take your own photographs, and take plenty of them that show the true damage to the vehicles.  It also a good idea, in some cases, to try to take some photographs of the accident scene as well.

You might be thinking that you don't need a disposable camera, because your cell phone has a camera function.  Sure, if your cell phone is charged and working properly, then go ahead and use your cell phone.  However, you stilll may want to be prepared, in the event you have an accident when you ran out the door without your cell phone, or when the cell phone battery is dead.  Sure enough, that will be the instance when you will have an accident, and you will wish you were carrying that back-up disposable camera in your glove box!

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