Safety Tips for New Parents


The world of parenting is incredibly daunting, especially when one is new to it. You want what’s best for you child at all times and want their absolute safety, so you keep a watchful eye. Sometimes, though, that watchful eye must extend towards the products that one would buy for their baby.


Recently, Ashley May of USA Today wrote about a recent study from Nationwide Children’s Hospital. The study took data from the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System and retrospectively analyzed it for patients < 3 years who sustained injuries from nursery related products from 1991-2011. The study showed that 66,000 infants visit the ER every year (one every eight minutes) for nursery product-related incidents. May reports that “in eighty percent of the injury cases, the baby fell out of the product.”


Researchers at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital say the focus of the study is not to point fingers at parents, but to make the manufacturers accountable. Similar previous studies that were aimed at the nursery manufacturing industry have been successful in providing new regulations and requirements for products in the past, but that doesn’t mean immediate change is always affected. As a parent, what can you do to help ensure your child’s safety when the products designed for their safety are faulty?


Tracy Mehan, researcher at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, recommends using the four R’s:

            1. Research (stay up to date on nursery products, especially specific products you already own.)

            2. Recalls (check for recalls, and if a product you own has been recalled, return it. Gary Smith, one of the lead researchers, stated, “80% of recalled children’s products are never returned.”)

            3. Register (register your product, if able, with the parent company. This will allow you to guarantee any warranties or help the parent company keep track of quality of product.)

            4. Read (read the manuals for every nursery product, front to back. The manual will hold very useful safety information and warnings that will help guarantee your child’s safety.


In recent years, safety standards have gone up for these products. To be safe, do not buy any crib from before 2011 or any baby walker from before 2001. Many design flaws have been mitigated over the last few years, but always remember the four R’s and you’ll be taking a step in the right direction.



Ashley May’s article :


Study by Nationwide Children’s Hospital:


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