Although the Missouri State Senate has already voted to override Governor Jay Nixon's veto of a new Workers' Compensation bill, the Missouri House is taking another look at the bill to try to make changes that would be accepted by the Governor. 

The newest bill would make it mandatory for occupational disease claims to go through the State's Workers' Compensation Division rather than the civil courts. Governor Nixon found a similar bill unfair to workers and vetoed it earlier this month.  Now, the House has passed this newest bill and hopes to move it to the Senate for a vote soon. 

Critics of the vetoed and new bills feel that they cater to business owners and wealthy business interest groups rather than the workers for whom the workers' compensation program was designed to help.

Also addressed in the new bill is the State's Second Injury Fund which has been facing financial hardship for the last couple of years.  The Second Injury Fund was created to encourage employers to hire those injured previously.  
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