A dozen children and a bus driver are recovering from moderate injuries after their bus hit a guardrail, ran off of the road, hit a tree, and landed in a creek in Clay County, Missouri. Seven children and the driver of the bus were transported to a nearby hospital after the accident while about five children were treated on the scene. Other children were taken to the hospital by their parents after the crash in order to verify that their children were uninjured. Twenty-six children were on the bus at the time of the wreck.

The MO bus accident took place on Missouri 33 south of the town of Holt, Missouri. The bus, which was carrying high school and middle school students from the Kearney School District, had just passed over a bridge when the bus driver lost control of the vehicle and struck a guardrail. It is unclear what caused the bus accident.

According to Kansas City reports, the bus crash is under investigation by the Missouri Highway Patrol. The bus driver has not yet been cited.
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