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Learn More About Your Missouri Or Illinois Legal Case With These Informative Articles

There is an abundance of information regarding Missouri law, personal injury cases, and workers' compensation on the web – but some of that information is dated or not accurate, while other information is filled with confusing legal terms. In this section of our site, we strive to provide our readers with clear, accurate, and easy-to-understand information about traffic accident cases, personal injury, medical malpractice, wrongful death lawsuit, defective products, ERISA cases, and more.

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  • After a Workplace Injury in Missouri | Kirkwood Workers’ Comp Attorney Learn what to do after a workplace injury in Missouri. Contact a Kirkwood Workers’ Comp attorney: 1-314-315-8111. Get a FREE Workers’ Compensation guide.
  • Work-related Accident | St. Louis Workers’ Compensation Attorney The Missouri Second Injury Fund may no longer be able to help you. Contact a St. Louis workers’ compensation attorney for help with your claim, 314-315-8111.
  • Missouri Second Injury Fund | St. Louis Workers’ Compensation Attorney The Second Injury Fund is facing financial hardship that could deny you compensation. Call a St. Louis workers’ compensation attorney for help: 314-315-8111.
  • Top Jobs For Occupational Hearing Loss | Missouri Workers' Comp Lawyer Did you know that some jobs and industries come with much higher rates of hearing loss and permanent deafness than other jobs? In this article, learn about the top five jobs for occupational hearing loss as well as how you can file a workers' compensation claim for your on-the-job hearing loss in Missouri or Illinois.
  • Workers’ Compensation And Hearing Loss | Missouri Workers' Comp Lawyer Workers in certain industries - such as factory workers or industrial workers - are susceptible to partial hearing loss and even deafness. If you have suffered hearing damage because of your noisy job, you could be eligible for workers' compensation for your disability. Talk to a St. Louis workers' comp attorney today.
  • Jill Bollwerk Writes E-Book for Injured Workers in Missouri Jill Bollwerk Writes Free E-Book entitled, "How to Handle Your Missouri Workers' Compensation Case Yourself....And How to Know When it is Time to Hire an Attorney!" Available for download now.
  • Personal Injury Claim And Workers' Compensation | MO Injury Lawyer Recently, a Missouri worker won a personal injury claim against a co-worker for pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and other damages – all after he received workers’ compensation from the state of Missouri for the same injury. Now, Missouri business owners are attempting to clarify MO workers’ compensation laws so that co-workers, managers, and bosses can’t be sued in the future in cases where the injured worker already received workers’ comp benefits.
  • Horseplay And Workers’ Compensation Can your workers' compensation claim in Illinois or Missouri be denied because of the involvement of horseplay? In this legal article, we examine three workers' comp horseplay lawsuits and discuss how having fun on the job could led to injuries that are not covered by workers' comp.
  • What To Do After A Work Injury | MO Workers' Compensation Attorney Do you know the three things you should do immediately after a workplace accident and injury? Before anything else, you should 1) get to safety 2) seek medical assistance and 3) inform your employer of exactly what took place. Learn more about what to do after an on-the-job injury in this legal article.
  • College Scholarships For Kids Of Injured Workers | Workers Comp Lawyer A Missouri non-profit organization called Kids' Choice of Missouri offers school scholarships for the children of families who receive MO workers' compensation. Through these scholarships, the children of parents who have been injured or killed while on the job have the opportunity to attend college or vocational school.