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Legal Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Get Your Injury, Accident, And Insurance Questions Answered By Attorneys Who Know The Law

You are not alone: rest assured that hundreds of others in Missouri and Illinois have also struggled with your injury, accident, disability, or insurance claim. In fact, most of those people have had the same questions that you are asking now. Read the FAQs below to find the answers to your most pressing legal questions – and if you don't see your question below, call us today and talk to a St. Louis attorney face to face at a free, confidential meeting.

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  • Can I get compensation for my injuries if the accident was partly my fault?

    Missouri is a "comparative fault state."  This means that a person can be partially responsible for their own injuries and still receive compensation.  The amount of the other persons responsiblity determines the amount of the other driver's responsibility.  For instance, assume that you had an accident at an intersection.  Another driver turned left while you were traveling straight.  You struck the other driver at the rear of his vehicle.  Even though the other driver turned in front of you, it could be argued by the other driver that you didn't do all you could to stop your vehicle or to avoid hitting his vehicle.  If your case went to a jury trial, the jury might find that the other driver was 75% at fault for the accident and you were 25% at fault.  Further, assume that the jury finds that your damages sustained in the accident were $60,000.00.  Because the other driver is found by the jury to be 75% at fault for your injuries and damages, then you would receive 75% of $60,000.00, or $45,000.00.

  • What is "medical payments" coverage?

    Medical payments coverage is an optional coverage that you can purchase as part of your automobile insurance policy.  "Med pay" is a no-fault coverage, which means that the driver and/or passengers of your vehicle are entitled to the medical benefits regardless of who was at fault for the accident.  The coverage will reimburse you or your passengers for medical expenses up to the policy limits.  Because the liability insurance carrier of the other driver will most likely pay you nothing until your case is resolved, medical payments coverage can be a nice way to help you pay your medical expenses while your case is pending.  Many hospitals and medical providers don't want to wait to get paid until your case settles, so medical payments coverage can really help you keep your medical providers happy while your case is open.